You may think that you are looking after yourself and ageing well, but how sure are you? Reassure yourself with the LIFECURVE App which uses cutting edge research to help you identify areas where you may need some support.

By answering a series of questions about your life style (19 questions in all). The LifeCurve app then analyses your answers and provides you with healthy ageing options advice. You can then follow the advice to carry on your healthy ageing journey.

We want to share with you a news article recently featured by BBC Scotland about the impact of LifeCurve™ and how it can help people with the deconditioning they may have experienced during lockdown. Click on the link below to see this:

You can download the free LifeCurve app via any apps management system such as Google Playstore. LifeCurve may recommend you take a further assessment for additional support and assistance through the Independent Living Angus website:-

Most of us want to live independently and remain safe and active but don’t always know what help and support is available.

If you or someone you know is affected by illness, disability or are getting older, and are finding everyday living tasks difficult we can help you find a range of supports and services available in Angus.